TFS 2010: Report Refresh Frequency

In TFS, it takes few hours to reflect work item changes to TFS Reports. For example, when we update work completed for a workitem, it takes around an hour to reflect in Stories Progress report.

The reason of this delay is

During typical operations, the relational database (Tfs_Warehouse) is processed within two minutes of changes made to an operational store, and the SQL Server Analysis Services cube (Tfs_Analysis) is processed every two hours.

Following are the steps to reduce the Reports data refresh interval

1. Open the link on Application tier server. This will open WarehouseControlWebService page


2. From the WarehouseControlWebService page, click ChangeSetting

3. In the settingID box, type IncrementalProcessIntervalSeconds

4. In the newValue box, type 600, and then click Invoke

This will set cube refresh interval to 10 minutes.

[via msdn]

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  1. Zonghe Says:

    Thanks~! This was useful~!

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