Cannot Destroy Cluster on Windows 2008 R2


System error 1722 has occurred (0x000006ba).
The RPC server is unavailable.

1. Remove the following registry keys



2. Restart machine

3.Remove Failover Cluster Feature

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10 Responses to “Cannot Destroy Cluster on Windows 2008 R2”

  1. Mylene Says:

    I tried your solution but it didn’t work. The cluster is still in the list and still can’t be destroyed because of the rpc error.

  2. THX Says:

    It work for me. After restart I would be able to remove the Hyper-V cluster and remove the Features.


  3. Mike Says:

    Thanks! I was getting no where without this tip!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Worked like a charm!! Removed the registry entries and I was able to remove the Cluster feature from Windows 2008 R2.

  5. ricky Says:

    it works, thanks for the nice info….

  6. wenkman Says:

    thx…with cluster /destroy the RPC-Error also there but now i can remove the cluster feature

  7. Anonymous Says:

    YUP, worked for me. I was able to remove the Cluster feature and continue to work my other issues. Those, however, are still broken. LOL.

  8. Vineeth Mohanan Says:

    Its Good and Working Thanks 🙂

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