What you really need


Researchers have found that owning a fast car, a large home and having a good job may only make you happy if those around you are less well off.

It’s too easy to compare ourselves with those around us. (And television gives us a chance to make false comparisons: We see what “normal” people have in commercials and in various programs, and we subconsciously begin to want these things too.)

But even if you know that you oughtn’t compare your life with others, it can be tough to exercise self-control. It’s easy to get swept up by materialism, especially if all of your friends are into it. (If they all have iPhones, you want an iPhone. If they all wear expensive clothes, you want expensive clothes.)

You have to make a conscious effort to not care about what they own and do. Instead, focus on your goals and your needs. What you want or need to own shouldn’t be defined by what other people have; it should be based on what you want to do in life, and what brings you intrinsic happiness.

Believe it or not, much of what we “want” is simply society’s desires in disguise. And because many of our desires lack authenticity we often don’t have the motivation necessary to take the steps needed to reach our destination

How do we know if our wants are real or an illusion? You must determine that, by having a conversation with yourself.

Why Do I Want This?

Are you helping someone just so you can get something back? Or are you helping just for the sake of helping? It’s perfectly OK to have personal goals but don’t lie about your motives in the process.

Am I Willing To Put The Work In?

Are you willing to put in the time and effort to make this goal a reality? Will you be willing to sacrifice along the way? Do you want badly enough to give up your weekends?

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BizTalk Adapter Pack 2.0 installation


Error: No valid adapters installed on the machine

For using WCF LOB adapter for Oracle ebusiness suite, we need to install the components in the following order. we also need 32-bit version of BizTalk adapter pack because VS 2008 works with 32-bit installation of BizTalk Adapter pack

Install 64-bit WCF LOB Adapter SDK SP2

Install 64-bit BizTalk Adapter Pack.

Install 32-bit BizTalk Adapter Pack.

Environment: windows server 2008 R2, BizTalk Server 2009, ORACLE Data Provider for .NET (both x64 and x32)

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SharePoint: Documents appear corrupted

When IIS is running is ‘IIS 5 compatibility mode’, MOSS have lots of issues like:

1. Corrupted Word Documents when open from a document library
2. No Application Pools are visible in IIS 6
3. SharePoint Central Administration – An unexpected error has occurred.
4. ASPNET user cannot access SharePoint databases.

To fix this, from IIS > WebSites > Properties > Service > uncheck IIS 5.0 Compatibility mode

Blue Green Deployment

This is idea behind setting up Parallel Run environment at one of my client. The fundamental idea is to have two easily switchable environments to switch between.

One of the challenges with automating deployment is the cut-over itself, taking software from the final stage of testing to live production. You usually need to do this quickly in order to minimize downtime. The blue-green deployment approach does this by ensuring you have two production environments, as identical as possible. At any time one of them, let’s say blue for the example, is live. As you prepare a new release of your software you do your final stage of testing in the green environment. Once the software is working in the green environment, you switch the router so that all incoming requests go to the green environment – the blue one is now idle.

Blue-green deployment also gives you a rapid way to rollback – if anything goes wrong you switch the router back to your blue environment. There’s still the issue of dealing with missed transactions while the green environment was live, but depending on your design you may be able to feed transactions to both environments in such a way as to keep the blue environment as a backup when the green is live. Or you may be able to put the application in read-only mode before cut-over, run it for a while in read-only mode, and then switch it to read-write mode. That may be enough to flush out many outstanding issues.

An advantage of this approach is that it’s the same basic mechanism as you need to get a hot-standby working. Hence this allows you to test your disaster-recovery procedure on every release.

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