Ideal way to interview developers

…have the candidate give a 10 minute watercooler presentation to your team on something they’ve worked on. I think this is a far better indicator of success than a traditional interview. You’ll quickly ascertain:

  • Is this person passionate about what they are doing?
  • Can they communicate effectively to a small group?
  • Do they have a good handle on their area of expertise?
  • Would your team enjoy working with this person?

Also, Phone screen all candidates before ever meeting them in person. If they can’t communicate well over the phone, their resume goes in the trash.
For a technical question, stick to a broad topic not a specific command line option. Command line options can be looked up in 1 minute. Instead, ask them to describe the dangers of SQL Injection and how to avoid it or some other topic that good developers absolutely should know.

[Coding Horror]


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