Privileges required for reading performance counters

Application user should be member of Performance Monitor local group to read performance counters


Assembly builder could not generate final assembly

Error  73: Build failed. Assembly builder could not generate final assembly ‘C:\…..dll’. Access to the path ‘C:\…\AssemblyInfo.cs’ is denied.

This error occurs if auto generated CS files , for AssemblyInfo or for BizTalk Orchestration odx, are Read Only or Added to source control. remove the read only attribute or just delete these auto generated files to compile the assembly

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Essentials for Living your fullest potential

1. Have an open mind

A lot of opportunities pass us by because we’re stuck in a limited pattern of thinking, or we’re afraid to take a risk. If there’s no actual real (or perceived) danger, take the risk. The worse that can happen is you’ll look silly.

2. Seek out new perspectives and contexts.

The more perspectives you seek out, the more you push the boundaries of your mind.

Get inside someone else’s mind. Pick their brain and try to see things from their point of view.

Change your routine. If you buy the same jelly donut, the same coffee, and drive the same way to work everyday, try something different. Be adventurous. Try the bear claw. Drink blueberry tea instead. Take the scenic route home.

Travel. What better way to stretch your mind than by completely immersing yourself in another culture?

3. Ask for what you want.

Everyone’s heard the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” It never surprises me how many people fail to get what they want because they’re too afraid to ask for it. Their fear of rejection and embarrassment holds them back from asking for help.

4. Help other people succeed.

The more you give of yourself to others, the more value you create. The more value you create, the more other people will want to give value back to you.

Instead of thinking “I don’t know,” think “I’ll figure it out.”

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duplicate ‘Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.DesignerPosition’ attribute

a weird error occurs in Orchestration Designer , when we have an empty message assignment shape between two transform shape. I don’t know exactly what causes this error, just adding here to help someone who spent hours to figure out whats going wrong.

Biztalk Error