The Consultant’s Money-Back Guarantee

If they don’t feel what I’ve done is worth what they’ve paid, they can have their money back, no questions asked. I make sure they know this up front.

…Why? Because it’s your job to satisfy the client. That’s what they pay you for. If you buy a laptop from Apple or Dell or HP and when you try to use it, it doesn’t work, don’t you expect to get your money back? If
you don’t, would you ever buy a computer from Apple or Dell or HP again? So, one reason to offer a money-back guarantee is to develop future business with that client.

…But perhaps the most important reason to offer this guarantee is to force them, and you, to think about what value means to each of you. Well, yes, of course you want to clear this up before you go in, but
that’s not always possible. People often don’t know in advance what they want. They only know when they see it. Many of my clients ask for one thing when I come in, but through my consulting learn that they
really wanted something else that was more valuable.

An intelligent client picks an intelligent consultant and that’s a heuristic, too.

[via secrets of consulting]


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