The secret ingredient of a successful company

Almost all organizations in the world are started on two basic premises.

1) To change the world and

2) to make lots of money and create wealth for its founders and shareholders.


…A company is a group of people, working towards a common goal.

…And as with everything human, it takes time to build up that team, that sense of belonging and that commitment towards a goal. Some of the worlds (and Pakistans) leading organizations are those whose people are committed to it, and not thinking of their jobs as a means to earn a living.


Processes, tools, software’s… they are all there to support an organization’s growth. To aid it, not dictate it. Yes, they aid it well. In fact, so well that sometimes we place them above the people until we learn yet another expensive lesson. “A tool is only as good as the person who uses it”


via [Green&White]


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