The Years of Experience Myth


what software developers do best is learn.

Employers should be looking for passionate, driven, flexible self-educators who have a proven ability to code in whatever language


Requiring X years of experience on platform Y in your job posting is, well, ignorant. As long as applicants have 6 months to a year of experience, consider it a moot point for comparison… Platform experience is merely a baseline, not a differentiator of real importance.



If a developer is looking for a particular tech that you don’t know, my strategy has always been
to be up front, and say “I don’t know it off hand, but I can buy a book and learn it fairly quick.”



Some people work for 5 years and gain 5 years of experience. Some people work for the same 5 years and gain 1 year of experience 5 times.


MSFT hiring mantrais “Hire for the company, not the job.”


Smart is good, “know-it-all” is bad.


Software development depends very much on communication between team members. The biggest issue on software teams is making sure everyone understands what everyone else is doing… If we use my evidence-free guess as the basis then to get double the productivity we need to quadruple the team size. So our average talent team needs to have forty people to match our ten talented people – at which point it
costs twice as much.

…but perhaps the greatest contribution a talented team can make is to produce software with greater internalquality. Since talented programmer tend to produce good code-bases, this implies that the productivity advantages compound over time due to internal quality too.


…any true measure of software development productivity must be based on delivered business value…

I might argue that a successful project is one that delivers more business value than the cost of the project. ..



Via [CodingHorror] & [MartinFowler]



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2 Responses to “The Years of Experience Myth”

  1. Ed Nugent Says:

    Re: Your Article – “Automatically Saving Web Form Data”

    I desperately need a vb demo. I have various client forms on several pages. I want the client to toggle from page to page and make edits and redits, and be able to see those changes as they toggle back. But I do not want to post to the db until the very end when client clicks a button to update his work in the various forms to db all at once.

    Please help. Do you have a VB demo?

  2. usman shaheen Says:

    one way could be to save your data in the Session object before committing to the database. another could be to use single web page with multiple tabs to get the data from user – you keep the data on the client side until the user click the button to update the data in db.
    I don’t have a demo with me, sorry for that.


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