Why Office Gurus Are Bad

…it is common for software teams to have its members silo themselves into specializations. One person maybe, the “reports” guy, while another maybe the “database” guru. Allowing members to specialize can be dangerous for a number of reasons



a. Hit By Bus Test


If person X was hit by a bus today how well would your team survive?


As a need for survival, either individuals choose (or are assigned) to work in very niche partitions of a project or in a legacy code base. The result leads to a
knowledge bottleneck which can present dangerous situations to a business



b.Create Tunnel Vision


When people specialize they tend to get tunnel visioned into their niche. No longer does the generality of development interest them, but only their one specific technology. As the saying goes, If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.


So what is the antidote to the office guru? A healthy blend of:

  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Open Minds
  • Code Reviews


Via [codesqueez]


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