Put People First

…Senior executives like to show that they are important through their offices, dining suites and reserved car-parking places, but, in truth, their absence rarely affects the smooth running of a company. The same cannot be said about office administrators, facilities management staff, receptionists, canteen workers and cleaners.
Without these people, companies soon start to fall apart — yet these are often the very the people who are afforded the least recognition…


…People make the company and should at the very least be heard. Profit is important for a company’s survival and growth but it is the people who make it happen. The cost of losing a body can be significant, not just in replacement costs but morale also, as more pressure is placed on those who remain. It is up to us managers to listen to our people and try to understand what it is that drives them to perform. Without it the focus on the human resources, the company is destined for doom…


…In most companies cutting the head count is the first action for reducing the costs when the revenues start declining. This is an accountants approach of denominator management. A real strategist will in turn will create meaningful work for their people when the revenues are
crunching. For this an organization must have a very clear view of the future…


…people should be given their dues no matter at what position they are in the company, everybody wants love, respect & recognition for what they are doing and also most of these human needs does not cost company much and in some cases absolutely zero money. But for employees these are THE things if done at the right time…


via [HBR]



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