Be loyal to people, not to companies

Be loyal to people, not to companies
As an employee,
you have the power to choose who you want to work with, and who you
want to work for. Make sure the person you will directly report to is
someone who will care about your well being, and not just her/his best
interests. Also, try to find a job where you can work with others who
share your values, whatever those are. Don’t worry so much about the
name of the company you’re working for, because companies come and go.
Working for a great person will change your life, because they’ll help
you improve, they’ll help you find new opportunities, and they’ll look
out for you long after you part ways and move onto a new job

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Questions to get good understanding of client’t needs

derived from the LinkedIn Question

1. An Open Trusting Relationship

2. Present your understanding back to client and propose new ideas

3. Have a small interview focusing on basics like whats the problem, pain points, ultimate goals, specific deliverables,

what things will make your life easier, stakeholders involved in the solution – focus on business side

4. Document and prioritize – iterative development directed by client’s feedback


Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time – Summarized

some points from the HBR article – Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

1. sleep at specified time and wakeup early in the morning – get 7-8 hrs sleep every night
2. if you are having bad feeling about something, take a deep breath and exhale slowly
3. avoid multitasking – concentrate on one thing for couple of hours , take a small break and then move on to other
4. Appreciate others work – more detailed – more effective
5. have some meals with your mates/team members to discuss their goals, motives, about lives – anything out of regular work
6. Check mail only twice – at day start and before leaving – if its urgent, you will get a call

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BizTalk Configuration: System.EnterpriseServices.TransactionProxyException

 I’ve encountered two scenario that leads to this exception: (The BizTalk and SQL Server are installed on separate machines)

1. The CID values for both BizTalk and SQL machines are same.
2. The Network DTC service was not installed on BizTalk machine.

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A Visual Explanation of SQL Joins

How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

SQL: Truncate vs Delete


– deallocates the data pages in a table and only this deallocation is stored in transaction log

– aquires only table and page locks for the whole table. since no
row locks are used less memory is required (lock is a pure memory

– resets identity column if there is one

– removes ALL pages. NO empty pages are left behind in a table

– fast(er)

– doesn’t fire delete triggers


– removes one row at the time and every deleted row is stored in the transaction log

– aquires table and/or page and row locks for the whole table

– leaves identity column alone

– can leave empty pages in a table since empty page removal requires a table lock which doesn’t necessarily happen

– slow(er)

– fires delete triggers