BizTalk Concepts 2

Promoted properties and distinguished fields enable various BizTalk components to access key items of data contained in a message. Property promotion provides a way to access key pieces of information from within a message instance and to make that data more easily accessible to other components of BizTalk Server, such as orchestrations, Health and Activity Monitoring (HAT), and port filters. A promoted property is promoted to make it accessible outside the message (on the envelope) , whereas a distinguished property is simply an alias to easily refer to a schema node from within an orchestration. Messaging processes use promoted properties, while the orchestration engine uses distinguished fields

A promoted node can be used in Message Correlation, Message Tracking and in creating Message Subscriptions.

Correlation is the process of matching an incoming message to the appropriate instance of an orchestration. This is commonly used with long-running transactions in which the orchestration instance may be waiting for additional information to be received before it can continue with the business process.
A Gentle Introduction to Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 Correlation

BRE- Policies are logical groupings of rules.

Both BizTalk global properties and promoted properties from a BizTalk schema can be used for content-based routing.
To enable efficient interaction with a business partner, you use role links to group a set of ports through which you will communicate with the partner

Scope Shape with Transaction option set to none. If you want to implement error handling but do not want to use transactions, use a scope shape. You can still add exception handling to your orchestration without using a transaction.

Reference: Clinic 2954: First Look: Microsoft® BizTalk® Server 2006 for Developers


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